Community School Holiday Activities

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    Relationship health suffers due to constant daily distractions. 'Fathering Adventures' guided father and child experiences help you have healthier relationships, stronger bonds, a deeper understanding of one another, new direction, and more. - Australia-wide - For sons aged 7-13 years - Guided "Fathering Boys" Father and Son Adventure Weekend experiences - For daughters aged 7-13 years - Guided "Fathering Girls" Father and Daughter Camps - For sons aged 13 years & over - no max. age... More

    Young Engineers offers unique STEM programs where children have fun while learning critical skills for the digital age! Our programs are delivered through school incursions, after-school clubs, holiday camps and more! We proactively collaborate with universities, industry associations and other STEM providers to ensure our programs are relevant and leading-edge. We really believe that our young engineers can be the next generation of creators, innovators, and problem solvers. Our goal is... More

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