Your Perception Is Your Reality!

Your Perception Is Your Reality!
By Hayley Mayer

“I’m not what I think I am, I’m not what you think I am, I’m what I think you think I am”.  

As confusing as this quote from Cooley is, it is the way most of us live our lives.

We seem to be caught in the external trap of judgment of what we think others think which in turn sets our own limited way of thinking. 

Take a story of two frogs that fall into a pit and are unable to come out.  Several frogs gather round the pit to witness the plight of the frogs. 
Both frogs were trying hard to get out of the pit by jumping.  All the frogs round the pit started shouting loudly advising against the foolish act of jumping as it appeared impossible. 
Both frogs continued trying to jump and all the frogs round the pit screamed louder for them to stop. 

Eventually the one frog got tired and listened to the group of frogs and gave up jumping any further.
The other frog continued to jump and his jumps became higher and higher until one big leap and he got out the pit. 

It turned out the frog that leaped out of the pit was deaf and he mistook the shouting of the group of frogs as cheers of encouragement and so he tried even harder.
It is not the reality but it is the lens of your perception that shapes your reality.

What lens are you looking through, one of empowerment and self belief, or one of limitation?  You have a choice to shift your focus. 
Here’s hoping you get a clear vision of your true potential and go live your greatness.  

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