If you’ve ever experience extremely dry, flaky skin, you’llknow it’s not merely unsightly and hard to apply makeup over but also painful. Infection is common in areas continuously in use like the hands (and cuticles). So for dry skin sufferers or those expecting to be exposed to the elements (ski trip, anyone?), these head to toe tips will ensure you remain smooth skinned and flake free.

With no sebaceous glands, lips are always the first part of the face to dry out. Low humidity and cold winds cause flaking and dryness unless they are given extra nourishment and protection. Harsh exfoliation is a no-go but a gentle sugar scrub will help soften and lift flakes making a smooth surface ready for moisture.

(Luxe to less)

1. Clinique NEW Clinique Sweet Pots – Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm 


$40 –

Apply a sugar scrub portion of Sweet Pots to lips and softly massage with fingertips. Gently tissue off and finish by applying the lip balm all over the lips for a moisturising hint of colour.

2. Go-To (Pinky-Nudey) Lips 

$17 –

With an ultra medical grade lanolin, shea butter, vitamin E to nourish and SPF 15 to protect, this very flattering tinted balm needs a spot in your makeup bag stat.

3. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick

$4.99 –

A solid stick of pure cocoa butter that can not only protect lips but also soften dry, rough areas like elbows, cuticles and heels.

In an ideal world where money wasn’t an issue, you’d buy a completely new range of skincare each season. Not possible this winter? Investing in a serum will help boost moisture and is easily incorporated into your current skincare routine.

SERUMS – (Luxe to less)

1. Dermalogica UltraCalming Serum


$81 –

A super-concentrated serum to help calm, restore and defend sensitized skin. The exclusive UltraCalmingTM complex contains oat and botanical actives helping to minimize discomfort, burning and itching.

2. Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum


$75 –

An antioxidant rich, replenishing serum for dehydrated skin designed to provide skin with essential fatty acids to help moisturise and protect.

3. Stem Organics Fresh Start Serum 


$49 –

A naturally purifying, brightening and age fighting treatment mask using colloidal Oatmeal to deeply moisturise and soothe away flakes.

If your face is flakier than a croissant, nourishing masks are another way to gently lift dry skin, leaving a clear path for a potent serum or moisturiser.

MASKS – (Luxe to less)

1. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask – 4 Pack


$120 –

Each sheet mask offers skin a double dose of hyaluronic acid for a surge of moisture. The PowerFoil-backed sheet creates a one-way virtual force to help seal moisture into skin for long-lasting hydration. Potent anti-irritants, including lady’s thistle, birch extract and magnolia bark extract, help calm and soothe skin.

2. Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish 


Enriched with powerful moisture magnets, this super creamy yet lightweight formula helps to instantly quench dry skin with sustained moisturisation for a smoother, plumper look.

3. Avène Soothing Moisture Mask


$44.95 –

Coral grass, a hydrating aquatic herb helps distribute moisture, while chlorella extract, a natural super green algae, helps increase collagen production, while muru muru butter further helps repair skin’s natural moisture barrier.


Not to be confused with dandruff, dry scalps are usually more prevalent in winter with air is dry. A feeling of tightness and irritation marked with small white flakes is common. Never to be left untreated, always give scalp a massage with a natural bristle brush before washing. Follow with a specially formulated shampoo to cleanse and treat. Try increasing foods containing fatty acids like seeds and salmon to help.

(Luxe to less)

1. De Lorenzo Tricho Control 


$54.95 –

A three strep program created from a sophisticated blend of certified organic active ingredients for the treatment of scalp concerns including dandruff, psoriasis, itching, redness and scaling.

2. Klorane Shampoo with Nasturtium


$13.95 –

Formulated with real nasturtium extract, traditionally used for its antiseptic properties, which naturally removes dandruff and also prevents its formation, leaving hair soft and radiant. It is also free from parabens and silicone.

3. Yes To Carrots Scalp Relief Shampoo and Conditioner


$9.95 –

Perfect for those who experience dry scalp, this pH balanced shampoo and conditioner combines silk amino acids and niacinamide to protect against further irritation, while salicylic acid helps reduce flaking. Cypress oils are light-moisturising oils that won’t weigh hair down, and a wonderful combination of tea tree and organic carrots helps heal dry scalp and stimulate healthy hair.


Fast absorbing body lotions are key in the colder months so you can get dressed quickly and if they have 24 hour protection, even better. To prevent scaling and flaking you have to increase to daily dousing (if you are not doing this already) and apply straight from the shower when skin is warm and damp to allow better absorption.

(Luxe to less)

1. Ultra Retexturising Body Complex


$89 –

This formula contains lactic acid, niacinamide and moisturising biomimetic ingredients to provide deep exfoliation and superior hydration. It keeps skin looking soft, smooth and supple.

2. DMK Maximum Moisture


$69.50 –

The Rolls Royce of body creams, this nourishing, herbal paramedical body moisturiser includes avocado pulp rich in vitamins, nettle extract to reduce excess oiliness and dead cell build up. The lotion can also soften rough skin on the hands and feet.

3. Stem Organics Nourishing Body Lotion


$39 –

This gorgeous, natural, non-greasy lotion is suitable for all skin types and uses aloe to soothe and nourish, citrus tangerina to gently fragrance and jojoba seed oil to balance sebum.


In the coldest months, hands can become cracked, sore and irritated. It’s imperative to find a fast a healing, repairing and protective cream and apply it hourly (or whenever you remember!). Avoid long, hot showers, excessive hand washing and lengthy exposure to the elements.

(Luxe to less)

1. Jurlique Rose Hand Cream


$59 –

Enriched with rosa gallica flower extract, this rich limited edition version of Jurlique’s bestselling hand cream replenishes and deeply moisturises to restore smoothness and leave hands feeling velvety soft.

2. Avène Cicalfate Hands Repairing Barrier Cream 


$27.95 –

A thick yet fast absorbing cream for very dry, chapped, cracked and irritated hands. The patented combination of skin repairing sucralfate and copper-zinc is clinically proven to soothe redness, reduce roughness and cracks, and create a protective barrier within cracks to promote the skin’s healing.

3. Lano Lemon Hand Cream Intense


$15.95 –

Developed to treat very dry hands and nails, the unique molecular structure of triple lanolin which closely resembles and mimics skin’s own lipids, while lemon oil refreshes.


Moisturising makeup is a must. Flaking skin on the face is tricky to apply makeup over and all care must be taken. Press rather than rub in serum and moisturiser (to cause less friction) and opt for moisturizing tints and BB creams rather than heavily pigmented foundation which can clump around the dry skin. Opt for cream based blush and bronzer too and apply with a light touch.

Five of the best moisturising bases:

1. Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15


$61 –

This sublime tint delivers a wash of sheer coverage that makes redness and unevenness disappear. Sodium hyaluronate pulls moisture from the environment while natural plant-based emollients help bind moisture to the skin for even application. Petrolatum forms a lightweight veil on the skin to lock in moisture for long-term conditioning benefits. Jojoba oil nourishes and conditions.

2. Swisse Natural Defence BB Cream SPF 30


$24.99 –

Dewy and delicious, this sheer tint is enriched with potent antioxidants, Australian botanical extracts and provides natural protection from the effects of infra-red, UVA/UVB exposure and environmental pollutants on the skin.

3. Dermalogoica Sheer Tint SPF20



$67 –

Natural, light-diffusing Iron Oxides provide translucent color for radiant skin, while broad spectrum sunscreens shield against damaging UV rays. Hydrolyzed Pearl amino acids, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidant Walnut Seed extracts help improve
skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine dehydration lines.

4. Burt Bee’s BB Cream SPF 15


$29.95 –

Containing 9 skin loving benefits, this earth friendly tint will keep the flaking at bay.

5. Nude by Nature Natural Tinted Moisturiser


$24.95 –

A lighter alternative than foundation that no only hydrates but nourishes too, using jojoba oil and oat extract so skin remains soft an supple.

CREAM BLUSH (Luxe to less)

1. By Terry Hyaluronic Blush in Peach Posh


$63 –

This anti-aging product delivers fresh, sheer and long-lasting colour to the cheeks whilst hyaluronic foam works to plump and smooth the appearance of skin.

2. Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush


$26.95 –

Provides a buildable flush of colour to the cheeks. The lightweight formula leaves a silky soft feel on the skin and blends evenly over cheeks for smooth application.

3. Maybelline New York Master Glaze Blush Stick


$15.95 –

A stick blush designed to deliver a dewy shine to skin. Formulated with liquid shimmer pearls and shea butter, the cream formula melts on contact with skin.

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