Baby Massage - a way to get to know your baby

Baby Massage - a way to get to know your baby
By Talitha de Jager

Over the past few years I have worked with loads of mums & dads who recognised that they struggled with getting to know their baby!  

There is so much emphasis placed on getting everything ready for baby; all the material things that may be needed like cot blankets, bumpers, nappies, bottles, dummies, formula, clothes, etc.  Then the books and don't forget googling the different colour baby's poop could be and if it is normal, the different skin rashes, etc.  


Once the fuss about this tiny newborn baby becomes less, your partner goes back to work and it is just you and baby - the loneliness step in. Surveys show that 42% of parents battle with feelings of loneliness and isolation - which is shocking and very concerning for a parents state of mental health!  Why didn't anyone tell you about that!  Walking up and down the street, around the block, going to the shops and spending unnecessary money just because 'you are at the shops', and you've  had this much coffee/ tea included in your daily routine, ever!!  While 58% of parents say that baby massage information/ sessions has 'helped them more' than the ante-natal classes they attended!  Why isn't this available to parents BEFORE baby arrives?  The government should be looking into filling this gap.

Many mums join mother's groups/ playgroups/ baby sensory etc. which is great for interaction and it is definitely necessary to get out and about to keep your head above water and still feel like a person, a woman and not just a mum.  

STOP - Do you actually get anytime to just listen to your baby? What does he/ she need?  To REALLY LISTEN to your baby....?

Why is it that every time a baby cries - we always rush to get them to be a quiet again?  Crying is a baby's way to communicate, it isn't that something is always wrong - it is their language.  Sometimes they just need to cry about all the new things life has thrown at them.  They just spent 40 weeks in comfort, warmth and they listened to your movements, noises and wonderful voice.  Now, there are all sorts of things that are unknown to them, strange, scary and uncomfortable.  They don't necessarily need a nappy change or a feed - just a cuddle and knowing that someone is there for them, hearing that familiar voice and smelling that familiar scent.  

My baby massage mums & dads have reported that they feel closer to their babies, find it easier to focus on their baby, read their body/ face language and keeps calmer for longer since doing  baby massage classes. Baby Massage allows you to spend a specific time each day to have contact with your baby/ bond with your baby and really look at them, zone in on them and watch/listen to their body language. 

I have seen of a lot of YouTube baby massage videos out there, yes it does teach some basics but you can do it wrong and injure your baby.  A lot of mums and dads are scared of how to handle their baby, scared that massaging them may hurt their tiny bodies/ bones - that is why you go to a qualified Infant massage instructor that will show you the right way.  

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